My passion for photography began 15 years ago. I've always been more of a "creative" and when I picked up a camera for a class in high school, I was hooked. Photography was a hobby for me, my escape, and I was always the girl with the camera. After college, I jumped into the corporate world doing marketing but my passion for photography followed me. Initially I got into portrait photography doing that on the side of my 9-5 job. Then in 2017 I knew all of this - capturing babies, families and couples was what I was meant to do and I took the leap of faith and turned my "hobby" into my full-time job and have never looked back. Over the past seven years of running my business, I've had the pleasure of serving hundreds of clients in different stages of life.

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Overall I am a self-taught photographer with a type A personality and love for leaving a mark on people's lives. I started my business because I care about people. I always dreamt of having a job that served others. To me, being able to photograph some of the biggest milestones and precious moments in people's lives is a way to do this. I can truly say I love what I do and love it more and more every year. Fostering relationships with my clients is a big priority to me - I don't want to just be a photographer, I want clients to feel like they're connecting with an old friend every time they see me.

When I'm not working, you can find me at my home on 25 acres with my husband and energetic black lab doing my other dream job - being a mom to the most amazing little boy. Seeing the world through his eyes is the best thing in the world and soaking in all the time I can with him is everything to me. Becoming a mom has changed me and now I get it - I understand even more the value of photos. It's incredible how fast the days go by and how quickly little ones grow and change. It's amazing. It's sad. It's life. As a mom myself, having photos to look back on means the world to me and I look at them daily in complete awe of how precious this time we have is.

In 2022, I welcomed my son into the world becoming a mom for the first time and this rocked my world in the best way possible. After having him, my priorities shifted in all aspects of my life including my work. I always heard time goes fast with a baby but now I really know. Watching him grow brings so much happiness and so much sadness at the same time. Every first is a last and it brings joy and heartbreak. Feeling this first hand has taught me that little moments are the big moments and I take that with me to every session. I focus on the little details that will be gone too soon. I care less about perfection and more about capturing the raw, intimate moments, the connection parents have with their little ones and their little personalities right here and now. I bring my own experience as a mother into every session and my outlook on what I do, what I capture and how I capture it has been forever changed.


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I am very hands on and willing to help with anything and everything. I've created session and style guides, I will help with location selection, outfit selection - you name it and I'm here to help.




From responding to emails to delivering galleries, I make it a priority to be timely and quick to respond in everything I do.



I want all of my clients to know they can depend on me to show up, be present and capture everything from posed and directed photos to candid moments. 



My goal is to be very consistent in my work from shooting to editing. I want all current and future clients to know exactly the look and feel they will get with their images if/when they book with me.



Trust is huge - trust can make all the difference in the images because once you trust your photographer, you walls come down and your personality shines. 

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To be the best version of myself, I value self care, slowing down and soaking in the little moments in life like hearing my son's giggle, slow mornings, a lazy Sunday in bed and watching the sunset...after becoming a mom, I'm focused more on building a life that's less about "what's next" and more about "right now."

List maker

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I am over-the-top organized with a multiple to-do lists because they keep me sane.

I have a sweet spot in my heart for home decor and spend way too much time scrolling through Pinterest.

Comfy clothes

Adventrous homebody

I love exploring the world, but I’m the biggest homebody you will ever meet.

I love wearing a comfy sweatshirt and leggings because I am a firm believer that comfort is everything in life.

I love meeting new people, but I’m quiet and shy.

Outgoing introvert


Nikki was absolutely incredible. My husband and I chose her as our wedding photographer (so we did an engagement session + our wedding with her). As two people who don't do PDA or feel super comfortable taking photos, she made us feel like super models in front of the camera. She was so organized, fun to work with, and captured our day to perfection. We love Nikki and will definitely be planning future sessions as more of life's big moments knock on our door.

"Nikki was absolutely incredible; so organized and fun to work with!"

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